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September 2013 Archives

Deployments do little to strengthen marriages, study finds

Imagine being forced to be away from your spouse and children for months or more at a time. When you are finally reunited, you are told you have to leave again. You have limited communication during these periods of separation, which makes it hard to stay completely connected like you are when you're together. For many married couples, the thought of this is unbearable. For military families in Alaska, however, it may sound like real life.

What does an oil billionaire stand to lose in a divorce?

The majority of Alaska residents may assume they have nothing in common with a billionaire oil baron from Oklahoma, but in at least one regard, some may be able to learn something from a shared experience. Harold Hamm, the founder of CEO of Continental Resources, has been in the news lately due to his divorce. He and his wife, Sue Ann, have been involved in an all-too-public battle over asset division.