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Star of The Vampire Diaries wins custody of daughter

Anyone in Kenai who is a fan of The Vampire Diaries may be just as surprised as everyone else to learn that Zach Roerig, the actor who plays Matt Donovan, has a 2-year-old daughter. The 28-year-old actor had kept his relationship with the girl's mother, as well as his daughter's birth a secret, but he recently filed for and received sole custody of the girl.

The star appeared before a Georgia family court judge after the girl's mother was sent to federal prison for a variety of crimes. This had been the third time that the mother had been arrested, which likely helped Roerig's petition for custody. It is unknown what the custody arrangement was prior to the mother's arrest.

Although it is fairly commonsensical that when one parent is jailed the other would gain sole custody of a child, a parent must still file for a modification of custody. And that is certainly not the only reason why one parent may try to change the terms of his or her child custody agreement. Maybe the parent believes he or she should have more time with the child or perhaps the other parent has exhibited unsafe behavior around the child. Regardless of why, modifying a child custody agreement can be tricky.

It is important that anyone considering modifying his or her child custody agreement work closely with an experienced lawyer, as convincing an Alaska family court judge to make a change requires considerable evidence. Meeting those evidentiary requirements could be a challenge without a family law attorney.

Source: Daily Mail, "The Vampire Diaries star Zach Roerig wins sole custody of secret daughter, two, from jailed mother," Lizzie Smith, Oct. 22, 2013

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