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November 2013 Archives

How to turn divorce, child custody into life lessons

When an Alaska family is divided by divorce, the effects are felt by everyone, adult and child alike. While it is certainly possible to become overwhelmed with the negative aspects of this significant life event, parents should understand that divorce and child custody matters offer essential teaching opportunities for children. By focusing on these opportunities, parents can move through the end of their marriage with a sense of purpose.

Cruise talks about his divorce during defamation case

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced, media outlets around the world speculated as to why the seemingly happy couple had separated in the first place. While many people assumed it was because Holmes disapproved of Scientology, some tabloids latched onto the idea that Cruise was abandoning his daughter. It’s because of these headlines though that led Cruise to discuss his divorce once more and clear up any misconceptions that may have arisen in the last year.