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Cruise talks about his divorce during defamation case

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced, media outlets around the world speculated as to why the seemingly happy couple had separated in the first place. While many people assumed it was because Holmes disapproved of Scientology, some tabloids latched onto the idea that Cruise was abandoning his daughter. It’s because of these headlines though that led Cruise to discuss his divorce once more and clear up any misconceptions that may have arisen in the last year.

Cruise recently discussed the reasons for his high asset divorce in a deposition for his defamation lawsuit against Bauer Publishing Company. According to the lawsuit, Cruise accuses one of its magazines of publishing defamatory headlines that insinuated that Cruise was abandoning his daughter after the divorce. Cruise calls the headlines disgusting and untrue, pointing out in his deposition that even though he was working overseas, he consistently saw his daughter.

The dispute over the headlines also brought up questions concerning the divorce itself even leading to one question in particular. When asked whether Holmes left Cruise to protect their daughter from Scientology, Cruise admitted that this was one of the reasons the couple had separated.

Despite the publicity surrounding their divorce and now Cruise’s defamation lawsuit, the recently divorced couple appears to have stayed true to their promise after the divorce to stay committed to working together as parents and doing what’s best for their daughter Suri.

While many of our readers here in Alaska may not have to deal with the backlash often associated with a celebrity and high asset divorces, they may have to handle defamatory comments such as the ones Cruise faced last year. As we’re sure you can imagine, accusations of abandonment can often hurt a parent’s chances of gaining custody of their children and can be especially damaging if those accusations aren’t true. This is a potential problem that many people can relate to but hope they never have to experience in their own lives.

Source: ABC News, "Tom Cruise Says Scientology Played a Role in Divorce From Katie Holmes," Alexis Shaw, Nov. 9, 2013

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