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January 2014 Archives

Stay-at-home parents should consider postnuptial agreement

For many families, choosing to have one parent stay and home to care for children and manage the household makes a lot of sense economically and practically. Usually, of course, it is the wife that makes the decision to exit the workplace and become a stay-at-home parent, but husbands are increasingly making this decision.

Mediation: the cheaper, smarter way to divorce

If you’re like most of our readers then you probably have a sense of dread about your upcoming divorce. This is not uncommon for many people across the state of Alaska or even the nation for that matter. Not only must you worry about potentially lengthy litigation but also the high costs often associated with the process. But while it might be tempting to go through the process without any legal assistance, this might not be the best option, especially when a smarter, cheaper option is available.