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April 2014 Archives

Dividing retirement accounts in divorce

When a young couple gets divorced, the challenges for that couple are different than the challenges facing an older couple. Some of this can have to do with the length of the marriage and the degree to which the parties are tied up financially and family-wise, but it can also just have to do with being an older person starting out again by oneself.

Dividing student loan debt in divorce

Property division is an important aspect of the divorce process, as some of our readers know from personal experience, and it is important for couples entering marriage to understand where their potential financial vulnerabilities may lie in the event their marriage fails. Because people are marrying later nowadays, many are entering marriage not only with greater wealth, but also sometimes with significant debt. In some cases, there is significant student loan debt in the picture.

Reducing the costs of divorce

Divorce can be a costly affair, and it is important for couples to understand going into the process how they can work to reduce these costs. While there are various legal strategies that can help to reduce the costs of divorce, here we’ll mention several general strategies that are particularly important.