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May 2014 Archives

Air Force hoping to continue downward trend of divorce

When it comes to the divorce, most of us are familiar with the rate being placed at around 50 percent, though the number varies. In the military, where the numbers are tracked more closely, it is quite a different story. For instance, according to the Defense Manpower Data Center, the rate in the Air Force was 4.3 percent for enlisted airmen and 1.5 for officers. The rate is highest among enlisted women, though it isn’t exactly clear why.

How does divorce affect Social Security benefits?

Divorce can be a challenging, frustrating and costly process at any age. For those who are older, of course, one of the considerations is how divorce will impact the ability to retire. Part of the consideration for this issue is how divorce can affect Social Security benefits, since these benefits are important for many elderly Americans. This question is particularly important for a spouse who doesn’t walk away from divorce with substantial assets to their name.