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Basketball player in paternity and child custody dispute

Some parents in Alaska may know how hard it is to reach an agreement regarding custody of their children. It was recently in the news that basketball player Paul George may be seeking full custody of his newborn baby, despite the fact that he travels across the country with the Indiana Pacers. The All-Star player allegedly fathered a child with a woman whom he met in Florida.

Prior to the birth of the infant, George took a paternity test that showed a 99.9 percent likelihood that he was the father of the child. George expressed doubt about the accuracy of prenatal paternity tests, and he is requesting verification of his paternity through another test. He says that if a second test confirms that he is the father of the child, he will embrace fatherhood. The woman, who gave birth on May 1, says that she wants full custody of the child, citing George's travel schedule as an issue.

George said that shared child custody would be detrimental to the infant, saying that he has better means and resources of caring for the baby. George indicated that the mother of the child is dependent upon others to help her care for the baby, and he also criticized the mother for not trying to find a job. George made these criticisms of the mother less than two months after she had given birth, and the woman's attorney called George's comments "grossly insulting to women."

George, who wants the case that is now being heard in New York moved to Florida, says that if he is not awarded sole custody, he will ask a judge to award the mother an amount of child support below that suggested by state guidelines. Individuals who are having similar struggles to determine child support or child custody may want to consult with a family law attorney.

Source: INDY Star, "Pacers' Paul George seeks sole custody of child", June 30, 2014

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