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August 2014 Archives

Special considerations in a military divorce

Individuals in Alaska who are divorcing and are in the military may have some special considerations to keep in mind. Military divorces differ from other types of divorces. The Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act is a key part of military divorces. It suggests following state statutes regarding support. However, whether or not an individual's official state of residency is Alaska, military retired pay is considered property instead of income according to the USFSPA, and this affects asset division. The military also has specific guidelines regarding a spouse's claims on pension.

How unmarried parents can file for child custody in Alaska

Alaska residents who are not married to one another but have a child together may need to work out custody arrangements. Legal and physical custody are not the same thing; legal custody refers to who makes the decisions about a child's schooling, medical care and financial decisions while physical custody concerns where the child lives.