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October 2014 Archives

Divorce in the military

Alaskan couples who wish to divorce when one spouse is in the military have additional factors to consider along with the normal dissolution procedure. A federal law tells military branches to follow state laws with regard to ordered alimony, child support and retirement pay or pension plans. However, it allows states to consider military retirement pay or pensions as property rather than as income.

Alaskan family law impacts many in unique ways

Divorces, separations and other marital arrangements fall under the auspices of family law, and as such, family law incorporates a complex series of rules and regulations. Divorce law touches on topics like business ownership, land resource rights, commercial fishing rights, international holdings, tax consequences and the division of retirement funds. Further complicating the situation, you can't necessarily count on the law to apply the same rules to different kinds of assets. Accordingly, it is critical that you understand the particulars of how your property is classified and what they mean for your rights.