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Alaskan family law impacts many in unique ways

Divorces, separations and other marital arrangements fall under the auspices of family law, and as such, family law incorporates a complex series of rules and regulations. Divorce law touches on topics like business ownership, land resource rights, commercial fishing rights, international holdings, tax consequences and the division of retirement funds. Further complicating the situation, you can't necessarily count on the law to apply the same rules to different kinds of assets. Accordingly, it is critical that you understand the particulars of how your property is classified and what they mean for your rights.

Our legal team is irrevocably committed to using our knowledge to bring clarity to your situation. We've represented clients in everything from non-contested divorces to those that are bitterly disputed, and we can assist you as you attempt to avoid the pitfalls of custody rights, property ownership and child support arrangements.

We are also well-versed in the way family law impacts other major life changes. For instance, our lawyers can discuss your options and responsibilities when you decide to formalize a guardian relationship via adoption, and we will help you come up with prenuptial agreements that contribute to the development of healthy marital relationships. If you are experiencing child support or alimony issues, we can help you in that regard as well.

The scope of family law is extensive, and the topics it covers are continually changing as lawmakers strive for more useful legislation. For parents, spouses and other guardians, keeping up can be difficult, especially during emotional events like divorces. To learn more about the services that our experienced attorneys can provide, please visit our page on divorce.

Source: Hughes Gorski Seedorf Odsen & Tervooren, LLC, "Alaska Family Law Attorney", October 15, 2014

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