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December 2014 Archives

What is joint legal custody?

Parents who go through a divorce in Alaska are sometimes able to work out an agreement where they share custody of their children. Joint legal custody does not necessarily mean that both parents will share physical custody of the children. Instead, it is an arrangement where both parents share equal rights to make the important decisions that affect their children's lives.

How child custody is determined in Alaska

The state of Alaska, like other states in the union, has statutes that require the consideration of a child's best interests whenever decisions are being made regarding a child's placement, custody or other aspects of the child's life. There is no standard definition of what the best interest of a child, so it falls to judges to decide on a case-by-case basis what is best for a child in regard to child custody and visitation arrangements.

Relocating with a child and child custody

In some cases, a custodial parent in Alaska may wish to relocate with their child some time after a child custody and visitation order has been issued by the court. Even if the parent who wishes to move has primary residential custody, moving without first receiving permission to do so may put the relocating parent in danger of contempt proceedings for violating the other parent's visitation order.