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January 2015 Archives

Benefits and disadvantages of virtual visitation

The use of technology to strengthen relationships between Alaska parents and their children after divorce carries certain benefits and disadvantages. While parents and children now have more opportunities to communicate with each other with the assistance of Internet or phone connections, some parents and legal experts are concerned that these technologies may have adverse effects on family relationships if they are used to replace face-to-face contact.

What Alaskans should know about 401(k) asset division and divorce

Divorcing couples in Alaska fall under the same community property laws that allow all assets accrued during a marriage to be divided equally during a divorce in most states. In many cases, a 401(k) retirement plan acquired during the marriage meets the criteria for community property and is subject to division during a divorce. The former spouse of the 401(k) plan holder and any eligible dependents are recognized as alternate payees on the account.