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September 2015 Archives

The wealthy depend on forensic accountants during divorce

In the business world, the wealthy have long counted on forensic accountants to sort out the shady accounting practices of their business partners. Now, the affluent are also increasingly turning to forensic accountants to help them deal with another potentially thorny issue: divorce. Financial experts say the trend is expected to grow in Alaska and around the world.

Parental alienation during a custody battle

Some Alaska parents may remember hearing about the custody case in which a father alleged that his estranged spouse, from whom he was seeking a divorce, had turned their children against him. After the children refused to see him, a judge ordered them to attend parental alienation therapy in order to restore their attachment to their father. This therapy has been the subject of some controversy.

Alaskan divorced couples' back-to-school plans

As the school year starts in Alaska, divorced parents often face additional logistical obstacles and burdens because of the abrupt change from the summertime schedule. The parenting plan that was incorporated into the divorce order will often address these issues. In many cases, one parent will have primary or sole physical custody, with the other having visitation rights that, for example, provide for visitation on weekends and on one night during the week. Even if the parents share physical custody, it may be advisable for each to have sufficient school clothing and books for their children while they are there.