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October 2015 Archives

Valuing a business during divorce negotiations

Some entrepreneurs in Alaska may believe that the rules governing the division of marital property do not apply to business interests, but they would be in for a shock if they were to divorce. Businesses are assets, and they will be treated in the same way as real estate, investments or artwork during a divorce. However, the length of time that a business has been in operation could have an impact on how it will be treated during divorce negotiations.

Potential pitfalls with hair follicle drug tests

An Alaska parent going through a custody dispute will sometimes make allegations of drug use by the other parent in building a case for full custody. However, it is important to realize that the type of testing used by the court system could undermine such a claim. Although hair follicle testing is an option for identifying more than just very recent use of a substance, there is the potential for a false positive result in the case of cannabis.