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It may be best to avoid child custody battles

Parents in Alaska who are going through a divorce often have legitimate concerns about child custody issues. In most cases, parents are genuinely interested in the best interests of their child or children and do not wish to cause further trauma by entering into an adversarial custody decision process.

At the end of a marriage, both spouses are often dealing with a wide range of emotions. If one is frustrated or angry with one's spouse, it can be easy to overlook their positive aspects, including the fact that he or she may be a very good parent. When spouses have difficulty getting their emotions in check, they may want to challenge the other parent's right to joint custody. In addition, some parents may also consider relocation far away from the other parent.

These strategies may not work and may create more tension in the divorce. In addition, a protracted custody battle is costly in both time and money and seldom serves the needs of any of the parties involved. Especially the children. Parents who are having difficulty coming to a decision regarding child custody may wish to consult with the mediator who can work with them to put aside their negative feelings in an attempt to create a parenting plan that preserves the the parent-child relationship.

People with children who are considering a divorce may benefit from seeking legal advice. An experienced family law attorney may be able to review the client's situation and make recommendations regarding visitation, custody and other issues that are often a concern when parents divorce. If a custody dispute has already begun, the lawyer may be able to address issues such as the threat of international abduction, assisting a parent in at least getting physical custody of the child, or even seek a child custody modification order.

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