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Detailed parenting agreements can be important

Alaskan parents who plan on splitting may find it wise to implement in-depth parenting plans first. Clearly defining parenting responsibilities may prevent arguments and emotional baggage between the parents from affecting their children. Taking these critical steps could also make it easier for ex-couples to move on.

Devising parenting plans could identify potential problems with arrangements before they become official. The process might also help parents determine the best way to get over arguments when things change or it becomes necessary to make modifications. In some cases, arguments based on unverifiable verbal promises can be avoided entirely because the parenting plan and any modifications serve as a written history.

Parenting plans may also be necessary to define the specific terms of custody setups. For instance, physical custody arrangements that deal with time-sharing and vacation schedules differ from joint legal custody arrangements in which the parents work together to make decisions that impact their children's lives, such as religion or education. Parenting plans can also include extra sections that specify what should happen when one of the parent's living situation changes or other important life events such as remarriage occur.

Creating a workable child custody and visitation arrangement is important. Parents who fail to account for situations like losing their jobs, falling ill or having to move far away from their original homes may find themselves legally responsible for obligations they can no longer meet. As a result, it may be advisable for each parent to have separate legal representation when negotiating a plan so that contingencies can be appropriately dealt with in the document itself.

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