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Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting settle their divorce

Alaska residents might have heard about the divorce of actress Kaley Cuoco and retired tennis player Ryan Sweeting. The couple was married for about two years, and they have no children together. After nine months of divorce negotiations, Cuoco and Sweeting officially parted ways on May 6. According to reports, Cuoco had to have a tattoo with her wedding date covered up while she was going through her divorce.

As part of the divorce settlement, Cuoco must pay $165,000 to Sweeting in two installments. There will be no ongoing spousal support payments, but Cuoco will also reimburse Sweeting for his attorney fees and an outstanding legal bill that he incurred. In total, Cuoco will pay Sweeting just under a $250,000 to settle the divorce.

Reports indicate that Cuoco and Sweeting had a prenuptial agreement that may have played a role in their divorce negotiations. In high asset divorces, a prenuptial agreement often helps the higher earning spouse to protect some of the assets that they had when they entered the marriage. When there is no prenuptial agreement, a higher earning spouse may have to divide a business with their spouse in order to settle a divorce.

A spouse who is going through a high asset divorce may need legal representation even when there is a prenuptial agreement. When there is no prenuptial agreement, the stakes can be very high, especially in California, where the court will divide up community property equally between the two parties if the couple is unable to reach an accord on their own.

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