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Child Custody Archives

How parental alienation can affect custody

While some Alaska couples are able to work together to parent their child following a divorce, other custody disputes do not go so smoothly. In some cases, a parent may make an accusation against the other parent, claiming that the other parent is abusive. There are high stakes when these types of claims are made. An innocent parent could potentially lose custody or the child could end up under the care of a parent who truly is abusive.

Detailed parenting agreements can be important

Alaskan parents who plan on splitting may find it wise to implement in-depth parenting plans first. Clearly defining parenting responsibilities may prevent arguments and emotional baggage between the parents from affecting their children. Taking these critical steps could also make it easier for ex-couples to move on.

One Direction singer reaches temporary custody deal

Alaska music fans may be interested to learn that One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has reached an agreement with his former girlfriend over the custody of their 1-month old son. The temporary deal was reportedly arranged just hours before a scheduled court hearing on the matter.

Dealing with child support and debt

In Alaska, child support is intended to help a parent with the financial costs of raising a child or to help the state with the costs should the child end up in foster care. Around 69,000 parents and family have open cases for child support. Nearly 60 percent of those cases have past due payments.

Father of Bristol Palin's second child seeks joint custody

A potential custody battle taking place in Alaska is drawing national attention because of the high-profile parents involved. Marine Dakota Meyer filed a suit in Alaska Superior Court on Jan. 4 asking for joint custody of the child he shares with Bristol Palin, the daughter of past vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

Dealing with an ex-spouse while co-parenting

When divorce action concludes in an Alaska court, many ex-spouses still need to interact because of their children. When a co-parenting plan is in place, parents with joint legal custody typically share responsibility for important decisions. Additionally, a visitation plan is usually implemented to ensure that children are able to continue to thrive in their relationships with both parents. Unfortunately, this can be difficult for everyone if the parents are continually at odds and arguing. It is important to keep things as positive as possible in order to benefit the children, which can be difficult because of the underlying conflicts that may have contributed to the divorce.

Court awards child custody rights to "Teen Mom"

Alaska residents who are fans of the MTV series 'Teen Mom" may be interested to learn the latest news about cast member Amber Portwood. Portwood was awarded custody of her 7-year-old daughter in December following a long child custody battle with her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley. Meanwhile, Portwood's current boyfriend reportedly has seven children, a piece of information she may have wanted to keep from going public.

Getting child custody in Alaska

Although the law prefers that a child's biological parents retain custody of their children after a divorce, this is not always possible. In fact, a parent is not automatically granted custody even if they are married. For an individual to obtain custody of a child, he or she must have a significant connection to that child and show that having custody is in the best interest of the child.

It may be best to avoid child custody battles

Parents in Alaska who are going through a divorce often have legitimate concerns about child custody issues. In most cases, parents are genuinely interested in the best interests of their child or children and do not wish to cause further trauma by entering into an adversarial custody decision process.

Potential pitfalls with hair follicle drug tests

An Alaska parent going through a custody dispute will sometimes make allegations of drug use by the other parent in building a case for full custody. However, it is important to realize that the type of testing used by the court system could undermine such a claim. Although hair follicle testing is an option for identifying more than just very recent use of a substance, there is the potential for a false positive result in the case of cannabis.